Who are the Grand Rapids Dirt Dawgs?

We are a 501c3 mountain bike organization dedicated to teaching kids trail stewardship and healthy living through mountain biking.

During practices, Dawgs and coaches ride on trails and skills-courses to become more comfortable while on the bike. Instruction is focused on building self-esteem and learning skills at an appropriate pace for each Dawg.

While enhancing bicycle skills is an important part of our mission, that is only part of our goal. Dirt Dawgs will learn a variety of skills that reach far beyond the trail. Respect for their local environment and importance of a healthy lifestyle, and the values that come along with being part of a team. The instructors that work with the children aim to provide a safe learning environment by creating a structured program that is age and ability specific. Instructors will guide the Dawgs through courses that challenge and engage their abilities.

Trail Stewardship

Trail maintenance and advocacy is an important part of the mountain biking community. The Dirt Dawgs will be involved in local trails days to maintain and build local mountain bike trails. It is important that members understand the hard work that goes into a mountain bike trail. The Dirt Dawgs will also be responsible for building and maintaining a youth specific trail at Luton Park and Cannonsburg ski area.

All trail days will be coordinated through the Grand Rapids Dirt Dawgs and our community partner, the WMMBA (West Michigan Mountain Bike Alliance). All trail work will be supervised by instructors and trail coordinators.


Membership to the Dirt Dawgs is $135 annually.

Included in this is:

  • Practices led by certified coaches, volunteers and parents
  • Participation in team events and trail days
  • Dirt Dawgs cycling jersey
  • Race day resources
  • Sponsorship perks!


Membership to the Dirt Dawgs is $135 Annually

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